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    ​​​​​Should You Hire an Exterior Painter Or Do It Yourself?

    Posted by admin on September 22, 2016

    Exterior Residential and Commercial Painting

    ​​​​You may be the kind of homeowner who likes to roll up their sleeves and get it done (which is great!), but here are a few questions to consider:

    How intricate or complex is your home?
    Angles, lines, architectural features, and other unique considerations can be tough to navigate and thoroughly coat without the right tools and experience.
    How tall is your home? - It may not look bad from the ground, but working from a ladder can be another story. It’s important to be confident that you can work safely and reach every inch of your house.

    Repairs - Exterior painting involves far more than just paint. Are you able to confidently make repairs and properly prepare the surfaces? Do you have the equipment and materials? - Exterior painting often involves buckets, brushes, sprayers, drop cloths, caulk, ladders, primer, lifts, rags, tape, and more. Do you have the right product knowledge? - Painting, when done well, is as much science as elbow grease. Knowing the way products interact with each other and your home’s surfaces is an essential part of making sure your paint lasts longer than a summer or two.

    Here is another important question that not many people ask themselves: what is your time worth? Hiring a professional can be a fast, efficient way to get the job done well, leaving you available for work, family, other projects, and more.

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