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    Medical Facility Painting

    Commercial Painting Services

    A Preferred Source for Commercial Medical Facility Painting

    Residents, patients, staff, and administrators will immediately recognize that Master Painting and Remodeling is truly a different, better painting company. Master Painting and Remodeling is staffed with people who know that quality painting services require that there be no disruption to daily routine, and they plan accordingly.

    They’re alert to facility safety and security needs. They pay careful attention to operate in clean, orderly, and well-identified painting sites. They can provide paints and coatings with the lowest possible VOCs and odor. All with highly efficient procedures and reasonable pricing that stand head and shoulders above anything you’ve likely experienced before.

    Healthcare Requires the Utmost in Cleanliness and Environmental Safety

    We can apply environmentally-safe, green products that do not affect building occupants and which may qualify your facility to earn LEED points, too. Our painters are carefully trained to work around sensitive medical equipment, cover all surfaces requiring protection, work in clean uniforms each day and with shoe covers when working inside. Routine painting is anything but that when you choose Master Painting and Remodeling. Our services radiate from our professional Certainty Service System (CSS) - a set of procedures and principles that encompass our experience painting numerous sensitive healthcare settings including assisted living facilities, critical care and emergency wards, psych facilities and Alzheimer’s units. Our CSS procedures ensure that your requirements for uninterrupted care routines are fully addressed.

    A Uniquely Different Painting Experience

    Painting and paint maintenance planning services from Master Painting and Remodeling are second to none. Whether your needs are for touch-up repair and repaint; refreshed rooms, hallways and common areas; or a major facelift of one or more buildings, our goal is to arrange hassle-free painting that makes everyone happy with the process and its final results. Join with many other healthcare administrators who are happy that they chose Master Painting and Remodeling.

    Certified and Fully Insured Painting Crews

    Master Painting and Remodeling are locally owned and operated affiliates of North America’s largest painting company. We adhere to local established protocols for environmental safety, worker safety, and worksite cleanliness. All EPA and OSHA laws and policies are followed by Master Painting and Remodeling affiliates. Affiliates cover all worker’s comp premiums and are fully bonded. Master Painting and Remodeling affiliates are highly qualified and experienced, financially stable, thoroughly insured, and provide a 2-year written warranty for paints, coatings and application. You’ll welcome the professional, courteous and careful attention you receive from Master Painting and Remodeling.

    Solutions to Meet Healthcare Requirements:

    • Full interior and exterior painting, including hallways and entryways – for all kinds of multi-unit facilities and single-unit village healthcare facilities
    • Pre-paint cleaning, repair, maintenance, refurbishment or replacement – along with thorough surface preparation
    • Surface prep of ceilings, ductwork and other fixtures prior to painting
    • Industrial strength coatings for floors and other structural elements requiring specialized, heavy-duty, extra-sanitary protection
    • Routine painting and maintenance programs, conveniently scheduled to minimize disruption
    • Plaster, drywall and wood repair – interior and exterior
    • Wall paper removal and reinstallation

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